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Mini-Comm is a .NET component to share data between different programs, multiple instances of the same program, or different processes on the same PC. You can share text, objects, collections of objects, and streams of data. * At its heart, Mini-Comm communicates in a peer-to-peer fashion: any two nodes can talk. This flexibility allows you to emulate just about any architecture including client-server and one-on-one communications. Mini-Comm also ships with a basic text sender and receiver in case you want to roll your own communications. * You can specify a password on both ends for highly-secure communications. Mini-Comm has 256-bit AES encryption built-in, or you can encrypt the data yourself before sending it. * Use Mini-Comm to ensure that only one instance of your application is running at any given time. If a new instance runs, it will automatically pass its command line arguments to the original instance of your application and then shut down. * Mini-Comm comes with a full Messaging System that helps you to track and communicate with other processes, logs messages, and provides ping and other system functions. * Mini-Comm includes a WinForms control that exposes the Messaging System. You can add this control to your applications to provide a "back door console" for you to monitor and debug your interprocess communications. You can even add your own messages to the system while it is running (see this in action with the sample program). * Each application communicates on its own network. You can communicate across applications, or restrict all communications to just your network and application. Each network can be further sub-divided into channels, both public and private. * Mini-Comm includes thorough MSDN-style documentation and sample programs that demonstrate the component with no programming required. Also includes sample source code in C# and VB.NET to help you get started quickly.

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